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Everyone wants to be remembered during the holidays - let a local senior in need know that you are thinking of them!

Prior to the pandemic, it was difficult for many of us to relate to the feelings of isolation and loneliness often felt by older adults living in our community. But the early “shelter in place” guidelines of the pandemic and the social distancing measures we’ve all taken to limit the spread of the virus along the way have exposed all of us to the poignant truth that loneliness hurts.

For older adults living in skilled nursing facilities the pandemic continues to be especially difficult. Our goal is to deliver over 250 boxes to seniors living in local nursing facilities this holiday season and an additional 750 boxes in 2024 to isolated seniors living in our area. 

Thank you for helping Center 50+ make sure no one

feels forgotten or alone!

Our holiday box is loaded with holiday favorites, including a personalized card, activity booklet, craft kit, handmade wooden ornament, chocolates, other specialty items, and more!


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